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Operation Prevention was formed to address the crippling Opioids epidemic that is impacting the nation. Our goals are to: 
  • Educate pharmacists, technicians, and pharmacy students about prescription and non-prescription drug abuse and their role in its prevention, identification, and treatment;

  • Promote the distribution of naloxone rescue kits from local pharmacies;

  • Educate the public about the dangers of prescription and non-prescription drug abuse;

  • Educate health care providers about potential alternatives to opioids for pain relief;

  • Advocate for use of alternative pain relief options and petition health insurers to cover alternative therapies;

  • Engage membership to participate in local opioid addiction and overdose prevention coalitions and other community forums;

  • Recommend educational programs that will increase awareness surrounding pharmacy robberies as well as promote safety within pharmacy settings;

  • Facilitate collaboration between police forces and the pharmacies they serve and protect.

Pharmacists Tool Kit

Patients with pain often face significant barriers and disparities to achieving pain control, such as poor reimbursement, lack of adequate training of health care professionals, system and organizational barriers, cultural attitudes about pain, and stereotyping and societal biases. In the United States, it has been estimated that over 40 percent of patients with chronic pain experience uncontrolled pain.

*This toolkit will provide you, the pharmacist, with information and resources to help enhance and support your communications with your patients with pain.