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 We understand you take care of your patients, let us take care of you! MPhA is YOUR voice, but we need your support. Membership options include both annual and monthly memberships, as well as family discounts. Help MPhA continue to advance the profession in Massachusetts. We are the professional association for pharmacists and technicians in Massachusetts





Annual Spring Conference
Annual Spring Conference
MPhA Statement

MPhA is seeking nomination for pharmacy professionals to join our board.

Secretary — The Secretary shall keep all records of the proceedings of the General Membership Meetings of the Association and the meetings of the Board of Directors and shall generally serve as the Officer to keep and record all the activities of the meetings of the Board of Directors and the Association, and shall have other secretarial duties as may be delegated to that office from time to time by the Board of Directors. This is a 2 year term.

Board of Director: The Board of Directors shall be vested with full and complete power for implementation and authority to conduct, manage, contract and transact all the affairs and business of, for and in behalf of the Association and manage and conduct all the activities of the Association in fulfilling the purposes and directions of the Association. The Board of Directors shall have the authority to determine policy for the Association. This is a 3 year term.

Please submit your nomination here: Board of Directors Nomination Form


2024 Award Nominations are Now Open!
Know a pharmacy colleague making an impact on pharmacy practice, going above and beyond, or making a difference. 
Check out the MPhA awards program. Deadline for submissions is March 30th!

Award Descriptions and Applications

Congratulations to the 2023 Award Recipients! 

Join us in celebrating the achievements of:

Dennis G. Lyons- Bowl of Hygeia 
Mike Wilson- Nathan Goldberg Award
Katelyn O'Brien- Distinguished Young Pharmacists Award 
Denise Summers- Excellence in Innovation
Jimmy Krupa- Pharmacy Industry Award
Cynthia Sabando- Pharmacy Technician of the Year 


Pharmacists are now authorized to prescribe and dispense hormonal contraceptive patches and self-administered oral hormonal contraceptives without the requirement of evidence of a previous prescription, effective immediately. Earlier this month, the Public Health Council approved an emergency amendment to 105 CMR 700.000 — Implementation of M.G.L. c. 94C to create a more accessible and expedited process for persons to obtain hormonal contraceptives. The proposed amendment was drafted in consultation with the Board of Registration in Medicine, Board of Registration in Pharmacy, and MassHealth, and in consideration of American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists guidelines. The regulation implements MGL chapter 94C section 194, as passed in the fiscal year 2024 state budget.
The amendment allows registered pharmacists to prescribe and dispense hormonal contraceptive patches and self-administered oral hormonal contraceptives without a Massachusetts Controlled Substance Registration. Prior to prescribing these contraceptives, a registered pharmacists must complete an approved training program for prescribing hormonal contraceptives, and provide the patient with a self-screening risk assessment tool prior. Upon prescribing and dispensing the contraceptive, the pharmacist must refer or advise the patient to their primary care provider or reproductive healthcare practitioner, if applicable; provide the patient with a written record of the prescribed/dispensed contraceptive; and dispense the contraceptive as soon as practicable after issuing the prescription. Additionally, pharmacists cannot require appointments for patients who wish to obtain these medications. Please see the full regulation for more details on pharmacist requirements

Pharmacist Resources

Did you know that MPhA was delighted to join a number of other health care organizations from throughout the state advocating for an amendment to Senate Bill 2499 being debated today that would ensure that all payments made by or on behalf of a patient count towards the patient’s deductible and out-of-pocket maximum.  Doing so will lower costs for patients and increase adherence to treatment.

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In between positions? Looking for your next position? Let MPhA and our community of pharmacy professionals help you find your next position through our events and networking opportunities. View current jobs and post your resume to our job board! 

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Upcoming Events
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